Hi, my name is Coulton Vento.
I like to make things.
  1. PanoPerfect

    Co-developed with Nate from HalfPeeled. Discover, share, and interact with panoramic pictures from all around the world. Available on iPhone and iPad.

    1. Website
    2. iPhone App
    3. iPad App
  2. Images courtesy of Tumblr

    Tumblr Messaging

    While at Tumblr, I was involved in building the iOS portion of instant messaging from the ground up. Send plain text messages, posts, GIFs, or photos to other blogs.

    1. iPhone App
  3. Dwindle

    Minimalistic countdown app. Available on iPhone and Apple Watch.

    1. iPhone App
  4. Images courtesy of Genius

    Genius Lyric Messages

    One of two developers who worked on Genius Lyric Messages. Select a lyric, take a selfie, and share right within iMessage.

    1. iMessage App
  5. TwoBros

    Founded by my brother and I, we aim to get brands and startups off the ground with custom logos, websites, and/or mobile applications.

    1. Website
  6. Images courtesy of Squarespace

    Squarespace Analytics

    Was apart of the small team responsible for rewriting the Squarespace iOS Analytics app. See your website's analytics at a glance or drill into a particular metric for more detail.

    1. iPhone App
  7. TextPlay

    TextPlay allows you to create playlists with songs that your audience wants to hear. iPhone app coming soon.

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  8. Images courtesy of Tumblr

    Tumblr TV

    Was apart of the small team of developers who made Tumblr TV for Apple TV. Endlessly stream Tumblr GIFs right on the big screen.

    1. Apple TV App
  9. Bzar

    Bzar takes the sketchiness out of buying and selling. Post an item or browse from local sellers. The app's messaging service allows users to hash out a price, decide on a meeting place, and send money.

    1. iPhone App
  10. Sproutling

    Helped build Sproutling’s iOS application which communicates with a baby-wearable device over Bluetooth LE and allows parents to monitor their child's health throughout the night.

    1. Website

My name's Coulton and I'm an iOS and web developer currently residing in Brooklyn, New York.

Years ago, my brother and I started TwoBros, a consulting firm that, at the time, primarily focused on web design and development. For about 3 years, we designed and deployed dozens of websites for local businesses, organizations, etc. Everything changed when the iPhone OS SDK was launched. After hacking together a few sample apps, we started building mobile apps for both ourselves and our clients. One app in particular even received some attention from Apple, including an Apple Design Award.

When I'm not programming, I'm most likely cooking up something tasty, making a cocktail, tweeting, or taking pictures of my puggle.
p.  347.996.4358
e.  me@coultonvento.com

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